Creative ideas for lunch boxes

Although children are incredible for many different reasons, I have to admit, one of the things I’ll look forward to when I have my own is many excuses to be creative! Take even something simple like lunch boxes for example. You could pack their sandwiches in a simple tupperware box OR you could get all cute and creative with it and do something like so…


Awesome images:

  1. A secret message on a banana! Via Stars & Sunshine
  2. A gift-wrapped lunch would be pretty special on their birthday. Via Happy Home Fairy
  3. Food-safe markers means you can draw on Babybels, sandwiches, marshmallows etc. Via Another Lunch
  4. This chalkboard lunch bag, via Instructables, is an easy way to do something a little different every day. Simply change up the message :)
  5. Googly eyes. Super quick to stick on but still super cute. Via Cute Food for Kids
  6. These free printable labels, via Alpha Mom, will hopefully encourage your kids to eat more fruit!

DIY milk bottle lunch box

And if you’re looking for something cool and contemporary to put the lunch goodies in, this DIY lunch box, made from a milk jug, could be just the thing. Some people are so darn clever!


I hope you like the lunch box ideas. They’re a little bit quicker than your usually bento box creations which, let’s face it, many busy parents would not get time to make! Even if you just do something creative a couple of times throughout the year it will be a nice surprise for your child. Perhaps stay away from your partner’s lunch though; I’ve heard stories of adults just not appreciating this kind of thing ;)

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  1. MyLunchBox says:

    The DIY milk buttle is a very good idea, thank you :-)

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