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Animal Prints

Now I’m not talking about introducing leopard print to the nursery here, although if you were going to have a jungle themed room perhaps that is something you should consider ;) I’m actually keen to show you beautiful prints of photographed animals that can be found at The Animal Print Shop. Photographer Sharon Montrose has combined her love of photography with her love of animals and come up with contemporary artwork that would look adorable adorning nursery walls.

It’s a somewhat simple idea (those ideas are often the best) in that she takes a picture of an animal and drops it into a fresh white background in Photoshop. The results are striking. And with affordable, open editions to more expensive, limited runs there’s sure to be a print for every budget. There are also so many animals to choose from too, so if you want a monkey for your cheeky little one or a fluffy bunny that’s just as cuddly as your kid you can go right ahead…


Monkey for me please! So cute!

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Shelf toys

There are so many beautifully created toys that you may well want for yourself but can’t justify buying. I call them shelf toys. Because it’s always easier to justify buying them for your children but they’re a little too pretty to be played with so they’ll just have to look amazing sitting on a shelf! This is better when your child’s really little and doesn’t even know they really exist, it’s a little mean not letting them play with something you’ve purposefully put in their room ;)

Jennifer Murphy creates such ‘shelf toys’ that would be the perfect accompaniment to a nursery. You can tell yourself you’ve bought it for your child, and in a way you have as they’d make great heirlooms, but really for a good while you’ll get the most pleasure out of looking at it.

Teddy trade

Jen learnt the trade of teddy-making through her parents who still make and sell beautiful Murphy Bears today. She started when she was 11 and has now created lots of different animals, each intricately handcrafted and utterly adorable to gaze upon…


The only downside to these toys is that they’re not easy to get hold of! Jen lists all her new creations on this page and it’s literally first come first served. If you want one then it’s worth reading these tips on how to purchase them fast! The upside? Apart from their obvious aesthetic appeal, these toys are limited and in demand so if you manage to secure one you’ll know you own something truly special :)

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Skip Hop – Mealtime

Now Beatrice is getting a bit more involved in her mealtimes and not just robotically opening her mouth like a baby bird (although she does still do that), I thought it was probably time to make it a bit more interesting for her. That’s when I found Skip Hop table wear, with its bright colours, super cute characters and travel friendly designs.

1 Bee bib Skip Hop2 Dog bib Skip Hop3 Monkey bib Skip Hop4 Owl bib Skip Hop5 Bee bowl Skip Hop6 Dog bowl Skip Hop7 Monkey bowl Skip Hop8 Owl bowl Skip Hop9 Bee plate Skip Hop10 Dog plate Skip Hop11 Monkey plate Skip Hop12 Owl plate Skip Hop

Cool aren’t they! I know Beatrice would love the little faces and I love the fact that the bibs have a clever tuck-away pouch – perfect for travel or for storing when dirty. The plates and bowls are also travel-friendly melamine AND dishwasher safe (my second most coveted product feature, after ‘can be thrown in the washing machine without due care or attention and will return the same size/shape/colour’ – preferably all 3).

For your older ‘babies’, Skip Hop also have insulated lunch bags in the same range but with even more designs

and matching backpacks!

Head over to Skip Hop’s store locator to find out where you can shop Skip Hop!

Monkey lunch bag open

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