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Papier Mâché nursery mobiles

Nursery mobiles are definitely one of my favourite items for a newborn baby. Although you can get all sorts of fancy ones with spinning mechanisms, lights and/or music that’s not why I like them. It’s because they can literally be any theme you like, which leads to some super creative mobiles!

And the ones created by Kim Baise, aka Jikits, are definitely what you’d call super creative mobiles!

There are cactuses and tiny homes, automobiles and a picnic themed creation. There’s even the cosmic mobile featuring a rainbow, narwahl, chicken and horse on rollerskates: amazing!

Jikits Papier Mache Nursery Mobiles

For art lovers there’s even the nursery mobiles themed around Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, and while I appreciate your baby may not appreciate their art it doesn’t really matter, as all they’re bothered about is that something’s dangling above the cot. So really, a nursery mobile is a piece of baby decor that you can buy simply because you love it!

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Lovely lighting for children by Studio Eero Aarnio

Debs and I are both self-confessed light lovers. Awesome lighting can completely change a space, create a mood, or alter an atmosphere. It’s important to any room in the house, in fact, inside or outside the house! Great lighting for children can be hard to come by, but I found some fantastic lights from Studio Eero Aarnio, the brain child of Finnish designer Eero Aarnio, which could add the perfect finishing touch to your children’s rooms.

lighting for children

Check out the complete cool collection over at Studio Eero Aarnio.

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Studio Eero Aarnio collection

DIY cloud lamp

If you’re looking for a playful lamp for your little one’s nursery, then this cloud creation could be just the thing…

DIY Cloud Lamp

And, amazingly, this isn’t a link of where to buy it, but actually where you can learn to make it yourself!

Although the text was originally in Dutch and so may contain a few grammatical errors, the instructions are pretty straight forward and even include templates. The trickiest part would be cutting the MDF with a jigsaw but if that’s something you can’t do perhaps you at least know someone who can :D

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