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A behind-the-scenes seaside shoot with Helen Schryver

Today’s shoot has a twist… there’s also a behind the scenes video to share with you!

Helen Schryver captured Emma, Richard, Oliver and Freya she also had Richard of FX Media capture her. The photos from the shoot are lovely and the accompanying video is a great way to show prospective clients what a shoot may be like…

Helen: “This shoot was so much fun! I’m over the moon with the finished video, I hope it shows that what I do is quite different to your typical high street studio photography experience. The vast majority of parents worry that their children won’t stay still and smile nicely for the camera on cue (once kids hit age three this is a very rare thing!) and that they’ll pretty much wreck the joint ;) As mummy to a particularly ‘lively’ three year old rascal, I totally empathise!

All my shoots take place in the great outdoors and incorporate plenty of running, jumping and playing, plus breaks for cake or ice-cream when the little ones get tired (added bonus – they’ll sleep like babies after all this action!)

The shoot took place on Whitstable beach – a fantastic location with plenty of variety and colourful beach huts which make awesome backdrops. I shoot family photography on location all over Kent, in London and even further afield but this is a favourite spot of mine. We were lucky enough to enjoy an amazing sunset too!”

Behind the scenes summer shoot with Helen Schryver

And here’s how Helen got those wonderful shots…

Emma, mum of the family, was a very happy customer: “Thank you so much for a wonderful family photo shoot – we all had such a fab time! Such a fun and stress-free experience and the kids didn’t even realise they were being photographed most of the time which has resulted in such lovely natural photos. I’ve welled up looking through them, you’ve captured their personalities so well. We’ll definitely be doing this again!”

And if this post has left you dreaming of a fun family shoot of your very own Helen’s amazingly offering a 50% discount off any shoot (usually £95), in Kent or London, for all you Bébés readers! Just get in touch with Helen and say you found her through our blog. Thank you Helen :D

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Alice in Wonderland inspired photography session

Anna Allan is a family photographer specialising in natural light, family photography in Middlesex, Buckinghamshire and the surrounding areas, and has started to introduce styling into her photo shoots. The shoot she is sharing with us today was inspired by the children’s classic Alice in Wonderland…

Anna: “The family in this styled shoot love books and maps, their daughter loves her toy rabbits, their home is decorated in pastels and Mum once had a ‘Mad Hatters tea party’ baby shower. Using this information, I came up with the idea for an Alice in Wonderland inspired session.”

“Next, I scoured the internet for a couple of props – the pocket watch was my favourite because of the size compared to the little girl (it made her look like she’d drunk the “drink me” bottle which shrinks Alice) and I found clothing suggestions for each family member. I put all this inspiration onto a Pinterest board and shared it with my family so they knew what I had in mind and we could discuss each idea so that we could get it just right.”

Alice in Wonderland inspired shoot by Anna Allan

“The session was held at the family’s local park early one Saturday morning in July. The sunlight shining through the Weeping Willows felt really magical. We had a fun time reading stories, playing at being the rabbit running around being late for everything, playing ball with a globe beach ball to represent their family members who live around the world and generally enjoying exploring the park. Because we were having such fun, the photographs were natural and really reflected the family’s personalities.”

Thanks so much to Anna for sharing such a beautiful shoot! For more of her work or to book your own styled shoot head to Anna’s website :)

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A Sussex beach summer shoot

I must admit, looking at the beautiful light and colours in this gorgeous shoot from Catherine of The Gypsy Tree makes me a little heartbroken summer is over! The beach provided a beautiful backdrop for this family session, and the last shot is so lovely…

Catherine: “Recently I’ve been spending a lot of time at our local Sussex beaches with my own family and it occurred to me that despite being a location photographer for over 3 years now I’ve never actually shot at a beach in Summer! I decided that this year that had to change and, luckily for me, I knew the perfect family.”

“This shoot was a dream from start to finish. The eldest brother, James, wants to be a photographer when he’s older and had a whole pile of ideas for posing his family, I let him direct them for a bit while they relaxed and got one of my favourite ever shots out of it! I’m seriously considering employing him as an assistant in a year or two ;)”

Sussex Summer Shoot by The Gypsy Tree

“Child photography is my absolute passion and I’m moving into styled shoots more and more. I adore picking out the perfect props to compliment the location and family dynamic and I love getting to know the families and finding out how to perfectly capture their story.”

Thanks so much to Catherine for sharing these beautiful images with us! Please head over to 
The Gypsy Tree for more of her wonderful work.

PS Don’t miss out on this week’s awesome competition while you’re here!

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