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DIY wings

When I was a child (and sometimes a little bit now) I honestly believed I could fly. I knew that if I just practised, and ran, and flapped, hard enough, l would take off one day. If my mother had made me a set of these babies, I would have easily mastered it by now!

This gorgeous set of DIY wings, that any willing fledgling would give their left leg for, was made by Llevo el Invierno. Simple but beautiful and adaptable to suit any colour, size or shape preference, there isn’t a child that you couldn’t make a set of these for.

Check out the full tutorial, and many more, at Llevo el Invierno.

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Vintage swimsuits for your gorgeous girls

Thinking about swimsuits for the girls this Summer, I came across some gorgeous, retro-inspired and vintage swimsuits. I absolutely love this style for adults, with high waists and halter necks, but for kids?! It’s so adorable! Check out this lovely selection of vintage swimsuits that I found around the world wide web.

vintage swimsuits

Awesome stuff (from top to bottom and left to right):

How awesome would your little ones look on the beach in one of those?!

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Adorable attire : Jujubunny

I’m sharing some stupidly cute clothes with you today!

Honestly, I could have posted every single picture off the Jujubunnyshop’s website. But the post would have been silly long!

So you’ll just have to make do with the mini selection below, and believe me when I tell you that you definitely need to check out what else they have on offer.

Beautiful clothes, adorable photography and they ship to the UK. YAY!

Kids' clothes from Korea : Jujubunny attire

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Jujubunnyshop website

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