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Sweet citrus stuff for Vitamin C Day

Next Friday, April 4th, is Vitamin C Day. Yep, it appears there is a ‘day’ for everything!

In fact, Wednesday even marked ‘Make up your own holiday day’! Perhaps it’s because of that invention we have so many other days such as Vitamin C Day! Anyway, enough waffling on…

I decided to get creative with a round up inspired by Vitamin C Day, and instead of bringing you fruit ideas I thought I’d bring you sweet citrus-inspired stuff instead!

Like so…

Collection of Cute: Sweet Citrus Stuff for Vitamin C Day

Awesome stuff (from top to bottom and left to right):

Cute right?!

Although perhaps not as beneficial to your kids’ Vitamin C levels. So just be sure to throw some actual fruit into the mix whilst they’re playing with the cute fake fruit stuff ;)

 Heart Debs

Tweet Toys : Wooden Classics

I don’t know if it’s because the product shots for Tweet Toys are outdoors, or because these toys are made of wood, but something about them suggests that they’re the kind of toys kids would love to play with in spring & summer. Perhaps it’s the simple, old fashioned nature of them that reminds me of my childhood; a childhood spent outdoors.

Either way I think they’re lovely. Classic and cute.

Tweet Toys Wooden Classic Toys

Just make sure your little one can be trusted not to replace the wooly pom poms with rocks if you gift them a catapult ;)

 Heart Debs

Tweet Toys website
Tweet Toys Etsy shop
Tweet Toys blog

Toy Stories : Documentary photography

This post is a little different from what we normally post, but I’m definitely a fan of a documentary photography project. So, when I saw a couple of my friends post this on Facebook last week, I really wanted to share it.

When Gabriele Galimberti decided to photograph children from around the world with their toys he discovered, as he imagined, that children “just want to play”. What he found more interesting was how they played…

“The richest children were more possessive. At the beginning, they wouldn’t want me to touch their toys, and I would need more time before they would let me play with them. In poor countries, it was much easier. Even if they only had two or three toys, they didn’t really care. In Africa, the kids would mostly play with their friends outside.”

Naya. Managua, Nicaragua

Toy Stories by Gabriele Galimberti-Naya-Managua,-Nicaragua

Pavel. Kiev, Ucraina

Toy Stories by Gabriele Galimberti-Pavel-Kiev,-Ucraina

Julia. Tirana, Albania

Toy Stories by Gabriele Galimberti-Julia-Tirana,-Albania

Chiwa. Mchinji, Malawi

Toy Stories by Gabriele Galimberti-Chiwa-Mchinji,-Malawi

Tyra. Stockholm, Sweden

Toy Stories by Gabriele Galimberti-Tyra-Stockholm,-Sweden

Parents’ ambitions

Another interesting discovery was how the toys on display revealed the hopes and ambitions of the parents that had bought them. For example, Ralf’s Latvian mother who drove a taxi for a living, showered her son with miniature cars. Whereas Alessia, the daughter of an Italian farmer, proudly displayed her plastic rakes, hoes and spades…

Ralf. Riga, Latvia

Toy Stories by Gabriele Galimberti-Ralf-Riga,-Latvia

Alessia. Castiglion Fiorentino, Italy

Toy Stories by Gabriele Galimberti-Alessia-Castiglion-Fiorentino,-Italy

Enea. Boulder, Colorado

Toy Stories by Gabriele Galimberti-Enea-Boulder,-Colorado

Puput. Bali, Indonesia

Toy Stories by Gabriele Galimberti-Puput-Bali,-Indonesia

Maudy. Kalulushi, Zambia

Toy Stories by Gabriele Galimberti-Maudy-Kalulushi,-Zambia

Awesome images: Gabriele Galimberti via Featureshoot

Gabriele took comfort in finding that, computer games aside, toys haven’t actually changed that much over the span of three decades. “I’d often find the kind of toys I used to have. It was nice to go back to my childhood somehow.”

Your children & toys

If my parents had photographed me as a child with my toys I imagine I’d be surrounded be Playmobil, Sylvanian Families and Barbie dolls. I’d love to see that shot now and, with that in mind, I think this makes an interesting documentary project to do with your own children over the years :)

 Heart Debs

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