DIY giant bubbles for those summer days

Summer days wouldn’t be the same without… GIANT BUBBLES!

I have fond memories of being out in the garden with my dad as young girl, making giant bubbles from fairy liquid diluted with water, a couple of straws and some string.

It would seem the recipes shared around on Pinterest these days have been tweaked a little from when I was a kid, however I imagine the result is essentially the same: giant bubbles that your little ones are guaranteed to love!

A tub of bubble mix

The recipe over at Living Well, Spending Less is how to get big bubbles from a small amount of bubble solution and the classic method I remember of 2 straws and some string.

Here is what you need for the bubble mix:

  • 3 Cups water
  • 1/2 Cup dish-washing liquid
  • 1/4 Cup corn flour
  • 1 Tablespoon baking powder
  • 1 Tablespoon golden syrup
  • Straws
  • String

For details on making your bubble-maker just click the link.

A paddling pool of bubble mix!

But you know what they say… go big or go home. A visit over to Lindsay and Drew‘s blog educated me on how to go BIG!

Here’s the list…

  • 19 Litres of soft or distilled water
  • 10 Cups dish-washing liquid
  • 2 Cups golden syrup
  • 1 Paddling Pool
  • 1 Hula hoop

They recommend letting the bubble solution sit over night for best results. And here are those awesome results…

DIY giant bubbles for long summer days

Awesome images: Lindsay & Drew

Hours of fun! :D

 Heart Debs

Rock & Pebble Dolls’ Houses

Rock & Pebble is an exciting new adventure by the awesome Mr Printables – which you have to check out if you have children!

So far the brand has launched three stylish products for your little ones. And I love them all!

The first two are dolls’ houses in the shape of an apple and a pear. They handily come flat pack and arrive unpainted for you to decorate if/as you wish…

Rock and Pebble Pear Apple Dolls House

And the third is a simple idea executed brilliantly. The Dollhouse Book opens up to reveal a new play scene on each page. Your child can create different rooms per page, and prop the book up to play between rooms.

Rock and Pebble Dolls House Book

So clever!

 Heart Debs

Summer fun in the tub by Ravinder Crone Photography

Happy Friday! And to celebrate that we’re only hours away from another weekend, we have a lovely summery session from the fantastic 
Ravinder Crone to share…

This was SUCH a fun session! Let me introduce you to 2 very adorable and cheeky brothers, Oliver, aged 5 and Louis aged 4 having a great time on their family farm in Hertfordshire. The children had an awesome time playing and getting wet in the tub.

Their mother Jayne, enjoyed herself too throwing water over the boys. Summertime is always a wonderful time to photograph people as the sun is shining and it just makes everyone happy as you can see from their expressions…

Summer fun in the tub by Ravinder Crone Photography

I love working with children and when planning lifestyle shoots I choose props to stylise and fit in with their environment, allowing them to feel relaxed, comfortable and be themselves. This allows me to capture each individual’s essential character in a beautiful, natural and honest way.

Kids grow up so quickly it’s important to catch those memories that get handed down from generation to generation.

I couldn’t agree more. Thanks so much to Ravinder for sharing; for more of her work simply click on the links below.

Wishing you all a fantastically fun weekend!

 Heart Debs

Ravinder Crone website
Ravinder’s blog
Contact Ravinder

Phone: 07961 186619

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