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Little Trekkers – outdoor ideas for kids

As the weather has been so unpredictable recently, it reminded me of this post from back in Summer 2011, when we had just returned from our first, soggy (but awesome) camping trip with baby Beatrice!

We just got back from our first camping trip with Beatrice, and it was wonderful! It reminded me how much children just need to be outside. They absolutely thrive on it. In the rain or wind or mud, it doesn’t matter. Wellies and waterproofs are all they need to entertain themselves for hours! Ask them if they like nature and they’ll probably tell you it’s boring, but stick them in the thick of it and just watch them bloom!

Little Trekkers

Outdoor ideas

Little Trekkers know all about this. Not only do they sell pretty much everything you could possibly need for outdoor activities – from clothing to cycling accessories, and sun shelters to sand pits – but they also have loads of outdoor ideas for activities with the kids, brilliant DIY tutorials to keep them busy, great recipes to share and lots, lots more!

Little Trekkers

Awesome images courtesy of Little Trekkers

So the next time you hear the kids say ‘we’re bored!’, or your picnic plans are scuppered by the weather, head over to Little Trekkers for some great outdoor ideas that don’t rely on sunshine :)

 Heart Verity

Super stylish nappy (aka diaper) bags

Now, I’ve never had a baby but from what I gather nappy/diaper bags need to be big and have handy compartments to store all the stuff that comes with caring for a tiny person! I’ve seen a lot of these bags that simply scream out their purpose in life and just look, well, ugly.

If you have to spend money on a bag to cart around all those baby essentials wouldn’t it be nice if it looked lovely too? I think so :)

So I’ve found five that won’t compromise your sense of style and will still be useful long after they’re needed for nappies!

Super stylish nappy - diaper bags

Awesome bags:

  1. Forest Bags
  2. Otto Bags
  3. Verada Shop
  4. Litacraft
  5. Handmade Zhang

 Heart Debs

Simply for Flying : flight logbook for children

If you’re taking the little ones on a plane for their holidays this year you should definitely check out the Simply for Flying log book. Flying can be a daunting and/or boring experience for children so the best way to approach it is as an adventure!

The log book was created by Bronwyn Darnoc after she couldn’t find a product, similar to the one she owned as a child, to record her son’s first flight adventure.

About the same size as a passport, the logbook has space for the child’s details and a photograph, along with 42 flight logs & journal pages for the captain and crew to fill in. It contains a message to the captain/crew explaining what the logbook is all about and educational information such as a world map, time zone chart and altitude/distance/temperature conversions.

I particularly love the examples of what captains have written in some of the logbooks. It would be wonderful for a child to receive these messages!

Simply for Flying Logbook

With a tick list for countries visited and a pocket at the back for boarding ticket stubs or other mementoes, this book would make a lovely gift for any child embarking on their first flying adventure!

To find out more, or buy a logbook for your children, head over to the Simply for Flying website.

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