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Marmalademudpie & Me – textiles & prints for children

Marmalademudpie & Me isn’t just a shop with an amazingly cool name, they also have fab products with great prints and awesome designs! Cushions, fabric toys, prints and stationary adorn this shops virtual shelves, that would successfully brighten any nursery or child’s bedroom. This shop certainly knows how to design textiles & prints for children.

textiles and prints for children

Not only are the products fab, but I just love the list that Nina Judge, Marmalademudpie & Me‘s creator, quotes as her inspiration:

“Surface design, retro pattern, vintage childrens story book illustration and lovable funny characters. Form, function, Swedish and Scandanavian design. The 50s & the 60s, Rock n Roll, Jazz, Elvis, beehives, skipping, chocolate, splashing in puddles, nostalgia and collectables…not forgetting the elements of colour!

Check out the rest of the shop here.

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Marmalademudpie & Me

Nursery artwork : Sweet Bananas Art

If you’re currently redecorating the nursery, or the walls of your already decorated nursery are looking rather bare, nursery artwork is what you need!

Just one piece of awesome artwork can transform a bare wall into something worth looking at.

There are SO many options for artwork out there but today we’re showcasing Sweet Bananas Art.

All of New Jersey-based Katy’s artwork has been painted with the nursery in mind. There’s loads to choose from and they can all be created in custom colours to suit…

Sweet Bananas Art for the nursery

What I love most about these artworks is that they’re painted on wood, and often in a way that allows the grain to show through. The fact they’re on wood however does mean they’re a little pricey to get sent to the UK. But, as they’re so affordably priced anyway, even with shipping you’re getting original hand-painted artwork for a fantastic price!

To see so much more where these came from, head over to Katy’s shop: Sweet Bananas Art.

And to see many more of our personal picks for nursery artwork just click here, and enjoying exploring :D

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Sweet Bananas Art Shop

Love-filled, free printables for Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

To celebrate this day of love I’ve rounded up four adorable, love-filled, and more importantly FREE printables that would look just lovely on a nursery wall…

Valentine's Day Free Nursery Printables

From Wifessionals

Valentine's Day Free Nursery Printables

From Tatertots & Jello – this post comes with a beautiful story too.

Valentine's Day Free Nursery Printables

From How Joyful

Valentine's Day Free Nursery Printables

From Little Inspiration

Now, go and give your family lots of hugs and kisses, and enjoy the awesomeness that is love! :D

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