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Jubilee Party

Planning a Jubilee party with the children? Here are some great ideas from around the web to help you!

  1. Jubilee fabric badge set from Not on the High Street; £3.75 for 4
  2. Paper Union Jack bags from Pipii; £3 for 20
  3. Jubilee shortbread recipe from Good To Know;
  4. DIY snack pots from Good To Know;
  5. Use your party to raise some money and hold a charity cupcake sale for Save the Children;
  6. Jubilee pencils from Baker Ross; £1.68 for 6
  7. Bunting Balls from Not on the High Street; £32 for 4m
  8. Activities, decorations, food and invitations from Alice’s Royal Wedding Party;
  9. Candles from Folksy; £6.99

 Heart Verity

Pink & tangerine nursery

If you’re not one for all that pastel nonsense (which actually isn’t nonsense at all I’m just trying to pitch this post to ya) then you’ll love the bright and bold choices in today’s nursery. Hot pink and tangerine aren’t often a colour combo you see a baby girl rocking in her nursery but that’s just what Baby Blake’s doing!

Pink & tangerine nursery

Awesome image credit: Kristin Eldridge via Inspired By This

The reason her nursery’s so cool? I’m pretty sure it will have a lot to do with her stylish mum: Melody of Sweet & Saucy. And if you’ve never heard of Sweet & Saucy then you’re in for another treat after admiring these nursery pictures. Just click here :)

 Heart Debs

Brotherly Love

Meet Conner. Conner is a very special 8 year old boy. His 6 year old brother, Cayden, has cerebral palsy but, instead of leaving Cayden at home whilst he plays with his friends, Conner does everything he can to include Cayden in his life. This inspirational little boy has moved me to tears. I think we could all do to be a little bit more like him :)

For a kid like Cayden, a lot of activities are unthinkable. But for a kid like Conner, the only thing that’s unthinkable is leaving his brother behind. Simply incredible :’)

 Heart Verity

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