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Some sleeping babies can be fed, undressed, changed and relocated without knowing you were ever in the vicinity. Others, however, cannot. Lodger have some fantastic products just for babies like the latter. Blankets that are compatible with car seats, so travel with baby and enable you to go from restaurant, to car, to bed, without baby needing to be disturbed. You can even perform nappy changes without having to completely unwrap your sleeping angel!

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Head to Lodger’s website to see their full range of great products and find your local stockist.

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Perfect props

If you’re trying to take some creative pics of your kids, or have hired a professional to come to your home, you may want to think about having a prop to make some of the pictures a little different. Now when I say prop, I’m not talking about making your baby don huge Dame Edna-esque specs (although to be honest you probably should do that ’cause it would look so darn cute!) I’m thinking more along the lines of soft, snuggly wooly hats and cocoons like those in these beautiful images taken by fab photographer Lucy Pryor


Lovely :)

Not only did Lucy send us these beautiful pictures, she also let us know where the wooly props came from too!

The mohair cocoon was from a lovely website called Bambino Joy, they are based in the UK and have so many gorgeous things for sale. The pink pixie hat with the ribbons was made in America by a lovely lady called Agnes. She sells stuff from her Facebook and Etsy pages. Her stuff sells out almost instantly and all the wool she uses is hand made and then knitted by her.

I’m not surprised Agnes’ hats sell out fast, I checked out her Etsy shop and they’re amazing. Such fantastic colours and gorgeous chunky wool. If you’ve fallen head over heels for a hat by Agnes, and can’t wait for the next shop update, then just contact her for a custom order :)

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Vendor Details:
Angelfire Photography website
Angelfire Photography blog
Contact Lucy
Phone: 07917 152021

Picnic Picks

Children’s picnics don’t have to be all about pink wicker baskets and china teapots, there is much, much more available out there to allow the whole family to enjoy an outdoor meal together. Here are just a few ideas to get you started :)

Picnic with kids

  1. Very cute picnic basket from Melissa and Doug. Also available from Amazon.
  2. Extra cool drinks bottles from Sigg.
  3. Picnic blanket and bag that could easily double as a baby bag by Minene.
  4. Rainbow cutlery and picnic tableware from the Kalas range at Ikea.
  5. Huge outdoor cushions in a range of colours from Made.
  6. Traditional, wooden, outdoor games from Little Lazy.
  7. Lovely, handmade, reusable napkins by Little Bird’s Boutique on Etsy .
  8. A very clever windshield that doubles as a sunshade for the little ones by Khyam.

So now there’s nothing stopping you from packing up your sandwiches, gathering up the kids and taking lunch outside for a change. But if you’re in the UK, just don’t forget your brolly! :)

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