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A lil’ felt mouse in a tin house

If you want to craft something for your kid but are not sure where to start, the answer is the internet :) There are a crazy amount of tutorials out there that a Google or Youtube search will most likely locate for you. Many of them are free but there are also hundreds of amazing patterns on Etsy. Such as this adorable pattern from mmmcrafts for making a little mouse in a tin house!


This would make such a lovely stocking filler for your little one (yes, it’s that time again!) It would also make a lovely gift for a crafty mum: you could buy and print the pattern, get together all the materials and deliver it packaged in kit form. Lovely! :)

For other adorable patterns head on over to the mmmcrafts shop.

I LOVE Operation Incognito! :{D

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Doodles to cuddles

I first came across the awesome business Child’s Own Studio some time ago, but for some reason never featured it on the blog! My lovely friend Thea reminded me about it and, before I forget again, I’m bringing it to you!

It’s a simple, but brilliant, idea that takes a child’s drawing and turns it into a stuffed toy! Since the first toy, crafter Wendy has made a few hundred and now has so many requests that she’s currently not taking on orders. But don’t worry, she’s kindly set up a Softiemaker Showcase on her website, featuring other crafters that can turn your child’s drawing into a toy.

Have a look at some examples of her work, I think it’s amazing how closely the toys resemble the drawings…


This would make an awesome, unique gift for a relative. Just get your child to draw them a picture and send it off to get it stuffed! Or sneakily send off a drawing for your child. Imagine how exciting it would be when their drawing, in 3D form, arrives in the post?! I love it!

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No neck. Big smile.

“A raplapla is a doll without a neck. A doll without ears, elbows, knees or even a nose. But each raplapla has a wonderful smile (without teeth) that won’t wipe away in the wash.” This tagline describes the wonderful Raplapla dolls that, considering their lack of normal body features, are incredibly cute. They’re simple in design and even a little bit odd looking but they’re definitely eye-catching and worthy of a cuddle!

I also love that the Raplaplas were invented by once-upon-a-time-fashion-designer Erica. I’m a big fan of any small cottage industry making it to a fully-fledged business :)

Let me introduce you to them…


I think they’re all adorable! Even those that remind me a little of Tina Turner :)

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