Real rooms : Oscar & Phoebe

After yesterday’s post on the Wee Wonderfuls created by Hillary Lang I just had to share with you the two rooms she created for her children: Oscar & Phoebe. Because they’re gorgeous and show off Hillary’s creativity!

Cosy quilt

Phoebe’s bookshelves host the most adorable books and toys with a vintage feel. I adore the wooden circus mobile above the cot and Hillary’s crafty sewing skills have been used for a fantastic feature on her daughter’s wall…


A wall full of quilts! Amazing! I love the idea of sitting there sewing beautiful quilts as your bump grows bigger and bigger. I love the fact it’s an old-fashioned craft that makes a rather contemporary feature when displayed differently.

Olive for Oscar

Oscar’s room is a fab shade of olive, features some great toys (note the Fisher Price record player – I had one of them!) and his mum’s super sewing skills are evident in that cute duvet!


Awesome images courtesy of Hillary Lang

Two very different rooms that are both creative, colourful and ace!

 Heart Debs

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2 Responses to “Real rooms : Oscar & Phoebe”

  1. Jen says:

    I’ve still got the record player – and it still works :) Beautiful rooms. x

  2. debbie says:

    Amazing! :) I love classic Fisher Price toys! I saw the television in Waterstones the other day and really wanted it :) x

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