Ever been caught short, as it were, without a booster seat for your child? Do you regularly have to swap booster seats between yours and your partner’s car? Ever paid overpriced hire fees to borrow a booster seat abroad? Or have you even carried one in your luggage? Well these days are over! With the Bubblebum, you never have to worry about transporting your booster again :)

A portable, inflatable seat that will fit in your child’s school bag or your luggage (without taking the place of too many bikinis!). When in use, it is small enough to fit in between 2 larger car seats, so that you can get 3 young children in the back all together and it is reportedly more comfortable than standard, hard booster seats!

The Bubblebum meets all the legal safety requirements, costs about the same as a hired booster for just one use and, I simply love its name! Head over to the Bubblebum website, for more information about this brilliant idea and to find out where you can buy your own Bubblebum :)

 Heart Verity

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