A small space

Today’s room design is fascinating as it makes amazing use of a very small space (I grew up in the teeniest bedroom known to man so I love looking at rooms like this!) The bed is ‘floating’ to maximize on floor space and give enough room for a desk area and a walk-in wardrobe. And the stairs up to the bed are also shelves for storage. Ingenious! On top of it being so practical it also looks very contemporary and very cool…


Heidi is the mother of impeccable taste behind this fab room for her daughter Alberte. You can see her blog by clicking here. Heidi’s husband is a carpenter which I’m sure helped in creating this superb space. But you can always hire carpenters right? ;)

 Heart Debs

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One Response to “A small space”

  1. lisa longton says:

    Oh my word, this is brilliant!!! My childrens bedrooms r tiny, so this is certainly ‘food for thought!’ Lisa

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