Yay for Wills & Kate!

The Royal Wedding has been talked about extensively, tons of documentaries have been made; even a film (which I imagine is rubbish), Wills & Kate’s gorgeous mugs have made it onto almost every object you can think of (including a fridge?!) and a lot of people are quite sick of it all. Well I am not one of them! I, of course, love weddings, am a hopeless romantic, was brought up on fairytales and can’t wait to watch the wedding today! I love that, for a change, we can get excited over an event rather than worry about the state of the country. And I will be partying with my fellow neighbours to celebrate!

Despite their future being a million miles away from ours I love that we can still relate to their relationship. The fact they had ‘a break’ to decide if they really wanted to be together and sensibly waited to get married. They look genuinely in love and I wish them a long and happy life together…


And for any of you having parties today I hope the weather’s wonderful and you all have an awesome time!

 Heart Debs

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