Party ideas : birthday balloons

This is the one where I sneakily hide some self promotion in lovely party inspiration! Because one of the printable invites I’ve created for my little shop Paperling features birthday balloons, and I decided it would be nice to do a mini round up of other ways you could create a party themed solely around balloons!

The great thing about balloons is that they come in so many colours. Add enough to the proceedings and you really don’t need anything else in the way of decoration, it’s going to look pretty and fun enough with all those balls of colour bobbing about!

Here are a few ideas for you…

Birthday balloon party ideas

Awesome birthday balloon ideas:

Printable invites from, erm, me! Aka Paperling :)
  2. Helium-filled balloons from 
Oh Happy Day make adorable place cards!
A fantastic cake idea from Wedding Chicks is to use mini water balloons as a cake topper. Note: the cake doesn’t have to be this fancy! A simple white iced cake would be perfect.
Confetti-filled balloons like these from Un Beau Jour look lovely and would be fun for the kids to pop!
And this balloon garland from Hands Occupied would make a fun backdrop to the party proceedings!

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