Birth photography by Jade Langton-Evans

The popularity of birth photography is on the increase, and in my opinion, it’s easy to see why. While initial reactions sometimes include concerns over privacy, pictures like these taken by Jade Langton-Evans Photography show just how personal and sensitive, yet tasteful, photography of this nature can be. Baby’s first breath and Daddy’s first tear are in, while the more gory details are most certainly not! The following video is the work of Jade featuring first-time parents Liz and Pete and baby Freddie. Liz’s reaction to the video:

“You’ve enabled us to go back to those incredible moments and feel it all over again and I have to say I think I’ve fallen in love with Pete all over again seeing him hold our baby, and the way he looked at me which I never saw,
or never see.”

I have watched this video numerous times now, and have not managed to keep a dry eye yet!

Awesome video and images from Jade Langton-Evans Photography

1 in 5 women in the UK would now consider birth photography, and that number is on the increase. So what do you think? Pregnant ladies, would you opt to have your birth photographed? Mothers, would you go back and take a photographer with you if you could? I know I would! In a shot! And Dads, how would you feel about having another person in the room? Personally, I am sad that I don’t have these memories documented so beautifully for my two. But maybe next time… :)

A huge thank you to Jade for sharing these amazing images.

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