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As the weather has been so unpredictable recently, it reminded me of this post from back in Summer 2011, when we had just returned from our first, soggy (but awesome) camping trip with baby Beatrice!

We just got back from our first camping trip with Beatrice, and it was wonderful! It reminded me how much children just need to be outside. They absolutely thrive on it. In the rain or wind or mud, it doesn’t matter. Wellies and waterproofs are all they need to entertain themselves for hours! Ask them if they like nature and they’ll probably tell you it’s boring, but stick them in the thick of it and just watch them bloom!

Little Trekkers

Outdoor ideas

Little Trekkers know all about this. Not only do they sell pretty much everything you could possibly need for outdoor activities – from clothing to cycling accessories, and sun shelters to sand pits – but they also have loads of outdoor ideas for activities with the kids, brilliant DIY tutorials to keep them busy, great recipes to share and lots, lots more!

Little Trekkers

Awesome images courtesy of Little Trekkers

So the next time you hear the kids say ‘we’re bored!’, or your picnic plans are scuppered by the weather, head over to Little Trekkers for some great outdoor ideas that don’t rely on sunshine :)

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