Nutella recipes for World Nutella Day

In 2007, an Italy-based, American blogger called Sara noted that were many days in the year to appreciate certain things, but not one for Nutella. And so she created one!

Recruiting her pal Michelle for help, they picked the date February the 5th and spread the word.

They did a good job as their Facebook fans now stand at over 42,000, and people worldwide set aside time to enjoy World Nutella Day on February 5th every year.

Personally, I think the excuse to eat as much Nutella as I want is a very good one!

Participate & eat Nutella

If you’d like to join in appreciating the chocolate-hazelnutty goodness that is the delicious Nutella, then here are a few recipe ideas for you to make with, or for, the little ones…

Nutella Recipes for World Nutella Day

Awesome stuff:

  1. Nutella breakfast pizza from A Thrifty Mom
  2. Nutella & banana smoothie from Mother Thyme
  3. Nutella pudding from Minimally Invasive
  4. Nutella croissants from Praktic Ideas
  5. Nutella brownie pudding from With Lovely
  6. Nutella & banana sushi rolls from Superglue Mom
  7. Nutella fudge pops from Chocolate Covered Katie
  8. Nutella stuffed peanut butter cookies from This Gal Cooks
  9. Nutella bear sandwich from Cute Food for Kids

The simple solution

Alternatively, if you’re short on time, just take the easy option: a jar of Nutella + a spoon = mmmmm :p

And for all of you who do eat Nutella straight from the jar, I think you may be wanting one of these

Nutella spoon

Awesome spoon via Unique Gifts by Missy

Do you love Nutella too? How will you be enjoying it on the 5th?

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