Re-Wood Toys’ Teething Necklaces

Teething beads always make me nervous. It makes no difference how ‘safe’ they claim to be, or how well tested, I will never feel comfortable watching a chewing machine with a mouth full of beads. That said, I have allowed my own children to chew on non-official, probably untested and likely highly unsafe, ‘normal’ beads on occasion, because, well, when they need to chew…!

OK, so, confession out of the way, I have found an alternative that a. doesn’t make me uncomfortable to watch, b. doesn’t inspire public confessionals and c. that I think most mums would be happy to wear! These wooden teething necklaces from Re-Wood Toys on Etsy!

wooden teething necklaces

I love the chunkiness (real word?!) of the necklaces, and the natural wood, and the fact that you could happily allow your child to chew them to their heart’s content, safe in the knowledge that they’re not going anywhere. Check out the full range of natural, organic and earth friendly toys over in the Etsy shop.

 Heart Verity

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Re-Wood Toys on Etsy

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