Reasons My Kid Is Crying

It was my birthday last week (you may have seen ‘the’ post) and I just had to share one of my parenting-related presents with you, because it’s brilliant!

Reasons My Son Is Crying is a blog that was started by a stay-at-home Dad who began to document his toddler’s meltdowns and was encouraged by other parents who were pleased to find that their children weren’t the only ones to reach boiling point inexplicably. This then sparked the creation of a book, a collation of photos from parents around the world, generally exasperated by their toddlers’ tantrums.

One of my favourite quotes from the Reasons My Kid Is Crying: “Three square meals a day, three opportunities for total meltdown – many times, ironically, over tuna melts.”

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These are just some of the fantastic reasons our kids are crying. I would avidly encourage parents to check out Reasons My Son Is Crying and see all the crazy submissions over there! At least now we know we’re not alone!

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