A party for a princess

I’m not quite ready to forget about the excitement that was the royal wedding just yet! And luckily I don’t have to as my friend Verity’s gorgeous daughter Alice celebrated her birthday on that very special day. It was a party packed with amazing details and ideas and Verity’s partner Gavin was on hand with his new camera skills to capture all the action. I know how much effort Verity and Gavin put into this party and it was so worth it as they created a party fit for a princess… exactly what Alice is. Here’s all the info…

A royal invite

Our daughter Alice’s birthday is on May the 1st, which entitles her every year to a bank holiday birthday weekend, but this year for her 7th birthday – double whammy! The Royal wedding meant she got 4 days off for her birthday AND an excellent theme on-a-plate! We decided to have her party on the afternoon of the wedding as we knew everyone would still be buzzing from the excitement of it all.

Alice and I tea stained plain white A4 paper and printed it with the words of the actual Royal wedding invitation (modified slightly!) We then rolled them up and tied them with red and gold ribbon. I wasn’t there when she gave them out at school, but she said they caused a lot of excitement!


We went with an (obvious but appropriate) red, white and blue colour scheme and tried to tie as much into that as possible. Bunting, balloons and table-wear were fitting candidates, but we also decided to try to make as much red, white and blue food as possible, have red, white and blue activities and ask everyone dress in red, white and blue.

An incredible entrance

The pièce de résistance of the decorations was the red carpet leading up to our front door. I wanted to keep it! You feel very special walking on a red carpet, even if you know it’s really just the path outside your house! We bought the red carpet purpose made from eBay. The gold poles were made from cut lengths of drain pipe with ball pool balls stuck on top and the whole lot was spray painted gold. The rope was just some old thick blue rope (the plastic kind) spray painted red with gold metal hooks and pieces cut from a brass pole to tidy up the ends.


Crowns and gowns

The activities we chose (for an all female guest list) were: decorate a tiara, make a wedding ring and paint a wedding dress biscuit. We bought pre-cut foam tiaras from Hobbycraft as I didn’t think there would be time for the girls to actually make them up themselves, and they decorated them in any way they liked with glitter glue, sequins and heart shaped confetti. We also had lots of sticky letters for them to put their names on (looks cute but also saved any ‘no, that’s mine!’ arguments after they had been left to dry). They spent ages getting them ‘just right’ and it was lovely to watch them all really involved and working together.

For the elastic to make the wedding rings I bought cheap bracelets from Primark (£1 each for 10 bracelets) and cut them to get the beads off. I then bought small boxes of red, white, blue and silver beads from Hobbycraft (shame Primark weren’t doing the right colour bracelets really!) and also enough ‘diamond’ beads so that they would have their own big sparkler! (The tying of the rings was a particularly fiddly job and I had to re-make a number of the rings after dropping all of their beads on the floor. But they didn’t mind because this meant they got a go on the Royal trampoline!) I made the wedding dress shaped biscuits the day before and gave the girls writing icing tubes and edible glitter – they really went to town! I don’t think they’ve seen many wedding dresses… :o)


Themed food

Savoury red, white and blue food was difficult. The only thing I managed was a plum tomato (red), cauliflower (white) and red cabbage (blue) salad. I also bought a crown shaped cookie cutter so that they could have Princess sandwiches (not red, white and blue, but still in theme). My mum also made a heart-shaped cheese and tomato tart (thanks Mum!) Sweets were easier (and more fun). For drinks we bought strawberry cordial which we called Strawberry Princess Wine (they loved this!) and they drank it out of blue cups. We made a crown shaped jelly from a large cake tin (the bath was required to release it from the tin…) with blueberries in the bobbles at the top and squirty cream for the fur along the bottom. We had to set the jelly in layers so that the blueberries would stay at the top of the jelly when we turned it out, but it was worth the work.

I had an idea to make Royal wedding themed cake pops, but couldn’t quite work out how to do it. Then I saw a heart shaped cake pop and realised how cute they would look with a crown – and how apt to represent the Royal Wedding! Keeping the colour-scheme by using blue sticks, white chocolate coating and red ribbons and crowns, was definitely a good idea because they looked ace on the table. I didn’t want to let anyone eat them! We also had themed cupcakes courtesy of my brother and his girlfriend which looked really cool and went down a storm.


Birthday bunting

And finally, Alice’s cake. I’d decided to have red, white and blue cake inside and keep the outside quite plain, so that it would be a nice surprise for the guests when we cut into it. So as not to make it too boring however (whilst avoiding showing off my icing skills, or lack thereof), I used paper bunting printed from our computer to spell out ‘Happy Birthday Alice’ and sewed this (just corner to corner) onto thread which I then tied to 2 sticks on either side. The cake was just a standard Victoria sponge recipe but 1 and a half times the quantity. I then split it into 3 and left one third with no colour, made one red and one blue. I used cheap liquid food colouring so had to add a bit of red to the blue mix to counteract the green tinge. I then stuck the 3 layers together with jam and buttercream, coated the whole thing in buttercream and covered it with ready-rolled fondant icing.

The whole day was perfect and Alice and her friends really enjoyed themselves. Thank you to William and Kate for making her day so special! Oh, and congratulations!


Such an amazing party! I love the red carpet so much and will be commissioning Verity and Gavin to create one outside my house ;) Thank you so much to Verity for sharing and here’s one last pic of the party planner herself, still smiling despite how tired she was!


Awesome images courtesy of Gavin Trezise

 Heart Debs

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9 Responses to “A party for a princess”

  1. Modupe says:

    What I fabulous party! I love the red carpet and gold poles, and the Bunting cake topper – fantastic!

  2. debbie says:

    Glad you like Modupe :) I am too such a fan of the red carpet! The bunting cake topper is so cute too and great inspiration for any party :D

  3. Amy says:

    Ah i found it! Brilliant vezity and gavlar! :-) Imagine what alicimo’s wedding is going to be like :-) xxx

  4. Verity says:

    Thanks Eleanor! :o)

  5. lisa longton says:

    Oh my goodness. This is awesome! What brill ideas. Maybe party planning could be your thing verity. This is every little girls ‘real princess’ dream. I’m sure that Alice will have been the talk of the playground! Well done! My daughter, claudias birthday is December…..plenty of time for you to plan?!!! X

  6. Verity says:

    Thanks Lisa! :D
    I would LOVE to help with Claudia’s party!! Let’s do it! :) xx

  7. Sonya Lee says:

    This is truly amazing as Lisa said every little girls dream and the mother of the princess too! I love it!!!

  8. Verity says:

    Thank you Sonya! The girls did really enjoy themselves :)

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