Bubabella’s Activity Mat

Bubabella is a children’s store which encourages imaginative play. Their products are versatile and inspiring and use colours and textures that not only please children but also compliment those you find around your home. Alice and Beatrice were lucky enough to receive one of Bubabella’s Activity Mats this week to trial, and boy did they have some fun with it!

They set to work as soon as the package was open, manipulating the Activity Mat into different shapes, playing on it, under it and around it. Alice wanted to see the ‘instructions’ as first, but I didn’t let her until they’d been playing for a while. I wanted to see what they would do with just their imagination. The first thing the girls actually did was simply lie on it, and that’s because it really is just so lovely and soft. Then the fun really started!

This mat is a rest area, a playground, a seat and just about anything else your children can think of, all at once! It has a pocket for toys or snacks and folds into a manageable size for carrying and storage purposes. The cover is also removable, so it can be easily washed when the inevitable spillages happen :)

Head over to Bubabella’s website for more information about this and their other cool products! Thank you to Sharon for introducing us to Bubabella!

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