Sock Monkeys!

I love monkeys. So much so, I actually had a monkey party for my 26th birthday! Therefore I’m proof that today’s party ideas you can use for almost any age. But it will definitely appeal to your little monkeys… see what I did there? ;) I love a Sock Monkey theme with a simple colour scheme of a brown or grey monkey with red and white accents. Tradish With a Twist did an awesome job with their interpretation…


Awesome image credit: Wallflower Photographer via Kara’s Party Ideas

You can see loads more images over at Kara’s Party Ideas.

Stuffed socks

I also think making some sock monkeys to go as guests to the party, for party bags or, with children that are old enough, as an activity at the party could be a great addition. This tutorial teaches you how to make these cuties…


Awesome image credit: HubPages

Yummy monkeys

And for the most awesome cookies ever, how about these?!


Awesome image credit: The Sweet of Sugarbelle

Actually seriously contemplating this party theme for my 30th now ;)

 Heart Debs

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