When I Was Born

Today I’m really spoiling you with an illustration post, a party post and a DIY post all rolled into one!


The illustration part refers to this fab book, When I Was Born, that details the adventure of discovering the world for the first time. The illustrations are simple and striking and it has a mature colour palette making it just my kind of book (I know it’s meant for children but I love buying children’s books like this)…



The party part is because Erin (of The Indigo Bunting)’s sister Won created a fab baby shower themed around the book! Flowers matched the colour palette, a play on words was pegged to some twine and little notes and illustrations were dotted throughout…



And the DIY part, my favourite part, is this beautiful gift idea inspired by the tree on the book’s endpapers. Erin says: “[my sister] asked our friends and family to write one thing they could not wait for our little boy to experience in life – his first ride on the D train, his first Mariners game, his first hiking trip, his first McDonald’s french fry. My husband and I pored over this gift, reading and rereading all the things our friends and family wished for our little boy, realizing how much he is loved already.”


Such an amazing present that isn’t too hard to replicate.

For more of this amazing party just head on over to this post and then check out Won’s amazing blog Mount Custard too!

So there you have it, three posts in one. Can I take a week off? ;)

 Heart Debs

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One Response to “When I Was Born”

  1. Zoe says:

    oh my – you have done it again!! I LOVE this post – I am SO going to do something like this with my kids – and have it proudly on the wall – I LOVE this idea that all those special important people contributed to this too – what a LOVELY idea!!

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