WWII Aviator Party

You may remember the County Fair party we featured recently by The Blue Egg Events or perhaps you saw the even more awesome Woodland Fairy Party? Well today we have another of Lindsey’s wonderful creations – this WWII Aviator party she threw for her son’s 2nd birthday. I’ll let Lindsey do the talking as you peruse Tony Novelozo’s beautiful images.

This party was for my son who was turning two. He was so young at the time and he loved airplanes but I didn’t want to do your typical airplane party so I took it a step further and turned it into a vintage WWII Aviator party. I created the invitation by layering various images to create a ‘propaganda’ type poster with his picture on it, rolled it up into a mailing tube and shipped it out!

Since everything was very patriotic then, the colours used were red, white and blue. We hung an American flag above our food table and used natural burlap for our table cover. Our food even kept the patriotic theme with star shape cups to hold macaroni and cheese, mini beef sliders with a star shape toasted on top of the bun and an American flag pick flying above. Instead of a typical birthday cake, and since the birthday boy loves strawberries and whipped cream, we did strawberry shortcake and the shortcake was even cut into stars!

We also offered homemade ice cream in pints on ice and special sugar cones dipped in chocolate and decorated with various sprinkles. For decorations, we made a banner using vintage ads from an aviation magazine that I bought on Etsy. The centre of the banner had the number 2 in honour of our birthday boy. We also stamped blue stars on the paper plates and stars on paper cups.

For games and fun at the party I created a little table with a sign (see picture) explaining the activities for the party and where the kids would check in and receive their Survival Gear Training Kit (also for sale on Etsy), which was a kraft paper box that they would use in a scavenger hunt of sorts. This would also serve as their take home goody bag. They picked up their scavenger hunt check list (see picture), with several items to find. Along with the scavenger hunt we had “airplane maintainance and assembly with a test flight” and buckets of wooden airplane gliders all WWII style planes! The kids picked their planes, assembled them and flew them around the yard. We also filled “water grenades” water balloons for the kids to toss around too.

Along with our goodie bags we also gave away special sugar cookies in the shape of a WWII bomber plane and Air force wings. The cookies were placed in kraft paper boxes and made to look like military MRE’s (Meals Ready to Eat). Cookies were made by Sherri Richmond of Cookie Couture. And since we had lots of little babies in attendance we had a little goody bag for each of them as well! We put little baby snacks in each one.

Awesome images credit: Tony Novelozo

Thank you so much to Lindsey for sharing another fantastic party with us! So many great ideas and I love the original twist on an old favourite theme. Head over to The Blue Egg Events Etsy shop for gorgeous party stationary and even more brilliant theme ideas!

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