Like Peas in a Pod

All this sun we’ve been having recently (it obviously doesn’t take much) has lead me to start thinking about Summer holidays, and this year, for us that means camping!! I can’t wait, I love outside – eating in it, waking up in it (almost), sitting in it at night and watching the stars. Love it. However, we haven’t done it yet with a baby. Last time we went I was pregnant, so the only accommodating that had to be done was for Gavin to leave more room in the bed for me (and bump)! But this year will be very different. My main concern has been, where will she sleep? And here is where I hope she will – in a PeaPod!


Within the family tent, this offers extra protection from insects but also keeps baby, well, where you left them! As well as this, it has a built-in inflatable mattress keeping baby comfortable and warm and the zippered panels allow quick access from any angle.

On top of this, the PeaPod is also great for outdoor use, providing protection from both the sun and wind.

Peapod footballPeapod gardenPeapod beach

And last but certainly not least, these beds fold so small they will hardly take up any room in your boot, which from experience, is a God send! We almost had to leave Alice behind last time ;)


Cool no?!

There are a range of colours, sizes and mattress choices available and of course, the PeaPod needn’t be limited to outdoor use. They would make a perfect travel cot too when staying at relatives or perhaps for the more sophisticated traveller, in a hotel :)

The clever people at KidCo didn’t stop at the PeaPod either. They’ve also made the GoPod, a lightweight, portable version of the more commonly seen activity centers, perfect for travel and therefore, perfect for camping!

gopod folding

Available in lovely unisex colour ranges – Quicksliver (yellow and grey), Sorbet (orange and green) and Pistachio (grey and erm, pistachio!), with drink and snack holders and a floor pad to keep baby’s feet clean and safe, these are a very cool addition to their travel range.

Gopod PistachioGopod quicksilver

Find your nearest stockist here! (Or use Google shopping) :)

 Heart Verity

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3 Responses to “Like Peas in a Pod”

  1. Francesca says:

    I like these, practical and compact when packed away :)

  2. lisa longton says:

    Brilliant idea! So compact which is ideal! X

  3. Verity says:

    Cool aren’t they! Wish I’d seen them in time to ask Father Christmas for one! ;) x

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