Real Room Round-up

I’ve been spending a lot of time on Pinterest recently. That place is bursting with inspiration! I’ve come across so many individual images that I’d love to show but they don’t make up a big enough post as far as I’m concerned. So, I’ve decided on the ‘Real Room Round-Up’ where I’ll show you a few inspirational images I’ve rounded up that I believe you simply must see!

Just have a look at this lot…

Natural beauty

Natural colours and fibres come together in this calming nursery design. Is that a Belle & Boo cushion I spy?

Awesome image: Homelife

Wicked wallpaper

Rather than one wallpaper design all over this collage of prints and patterns makes a playful wall that I could spend hours looking at…


Awesome image: Fifi Mandirac

Best mural ever?!

I love this! It’s amazing! So, so clever and will be thoroughly loved by any child that knows the story of the boy that never grew up…


Awesome image via We Heart It

Sleeping in the mountains

I adore this room! Takes me back to a brilliant family holiday in Switzerland when I was about 10 :) Even if your little one’s indoors all day it’ll feel like they’re breathing in fresh air with this magnificent mural!


Awesome image via Fanny Foodbeam

Swings inside!

Although the high one is too high in my opinion and I’d be terrified my child would fall, having a swing (a low one) installed in a room is an ace idea! I wouldn’t make it a DIY project though unless you were absolutely sure you knew what you were doing ;)


Awesome image: Melanie Acevedo

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