Adorable Aventine

Today’s beautiful images are of baby boy Aventine that Anna of Ausnippets captured. I wanted to share with you not only the images but the words of both Anna and Aventine’s parents as they are heartfelt and lovely and better than anything I could write…

Babies are such little miracles. They are such little peaceful beings, when you watch them sleep the time goes by endlessly. I could have watched little baby bub Aventine all day and just continued to take photos of him yearning for a smile… but I didn’t quite get one…

Instead I got him at peace… sleeping away…

Nothing in the world can describe the feeling when you watch over a newborn, it’s a new miracle. It’s even more wonderful when you hold him in your arms and you feel his warmth curled up against your heart beat.

This is what I wanted to capture in these photos, his peacefulness, his innocence…


And Aventine’s parents Dylan and Theresa were so pleased with them…

“Your photos really capture a kind of peaceful vulnerability in him. It’s not really about ‘cute’ it’s about his state. Kind of like how he’s living in a really comfortable little bubble, while all the time around him, mum and dad need to work so hard to keep him safe and happy. And all the while, he’s blissfully unaware. The photos are very very appropriate, and really magnifies the feelings that I always have when I watch him sleep.”

 Heart Debs

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One Response to “Adorable Aventine”

  1. Verity says:

    Sooo so gorgeous! These pictures are amazing! The whole post brought a tear (or 3) to my eye. I wish we had pictures like this of our two when they were newborn. I suppose we will just have to have another! ;o)

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