Toys to treasure

I am so in awe of these toys. They’re the type of toys your mother had as a child that are now all threadbare and missing an eye and even though they are not quite perfect they are still much more beautiful than many of the cheap-looking teddies created today. Well, Erika makes toys that look like they could have been treasured from yesteryear, except they’re brand new and have both eyes!

Erika creates heirloom quality, jointed toys for older children and play animals with safety eyes for younger children; both varieties are of collectable quality. Her creations are a little more expensive than your average toy but it is due to the materials and time invested in them, and the resulting quality means they will last much longer than a cheaper alternative.

To own one of these and sit it on a shelf in the nursery? Beautiful…


 Heart Debs

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2 Responses to “Toys to treasure”

  1. Verity says:

    Cute cute cute! Think I need to get me one of those ducks! (I mean for the baby obviously…) :o)

  2. Melissa says:

    ahhhh the pink ducks are fabulous!! i need one ! and i mean for me !! lol !

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