Sweet citrus stuff for Vitamin C Day

Next Friday, April 4th, is Vitamin C Day. Yep, it appears there is a ‘day’ for everything!

In fact, Wednesday even marked ‘Make up your own holiday day’! Perhaps it’s because of that invention we have so many other days such as Vitamin C Day! Anyway, enough waffling on…

I decided to get creative with a round up inspired by Vitamin C Day, and instead of bringing you fruit ideas I thought I’d bring you sweet citrus-inspired stuff instead!

Like so…

Collection of Cute: Sweet Citrus Stuff for Vitamin C Day

Awesome stuff (from top to bottom and left to right):

Cute right?!

Although perhaps not as beneficial to your kids’ Vitamin C levels. So just be sure to throw some actual fruit into the mix whilst they’re playing with the cute fake fruit stuff ;)

 Heart Debs

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