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Beatrice’s Sunshine and Rainbows party

Today I want to show you a very special party. It’s my youngest, Beatrice’s, first birthday party! With a sunshine and rainbows theme, in pastel shades because she’s still our baby, we had lots of lovely colours all over the house, and the kids loved it (as did I)!

The food consisted of rainbow sandwiches (wrapped in coloured tissue paper), rainbow cone snacks, sunshine jellies, milkshake and Beatrice’s birthday cake was a sunshine with a rainbow of rainbow drop cakes! The party bags had ‘you are my sunshine’ labels, were filled with pastel coloured goodies and multi-coloured pom-poms which were handmade for the guests by our 7 year old, Alice.

We did absolutely everything ourselves, including making all of the food, the decorations and Beatrice’s tutu and I have put together a number of very simple DIY tutorials to show how to do it all yourself over the next few weeks :)Click here for the balloon wreath tutorial.

Here are some of Beatrice’s lovely friends, and a very tired birthday girl at the end of the day!

She had a wonderful time. Thank you to everyone who shared her special day :)

Awesome images credit: Gavin Trezise

 Heart Verity

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A British Seaside Party

After my beach themed inspiration board last week, today I bring you a British seaside themed party! Totally coincidental but nicely topical and a bit bloomin’ lovely too! The party was created by Evelyne Desilets for her 2 boys, Elliott and Jonas, with decorations she picked up from Ebay and Not On The High Street, and here she tells us how it all came together.

Elliott & Jonas have their birthdays only 10 days apart so we decided to celebrate both of them at the same time. Jonas was turning one so it was quite a special birthday and wanted to make it a very special occasion. We invited all our friends, family, Elliott’s school friends, neighbours… We ended up with more people than were at our own wedding! I wanted a classic British seaside theme to the party and I asked the fabulous Mrs.Bou from The Boutique Baking Company to make the cake and sweets display which was the main focus of the party.

I could imagine the kids playing on the swings, trampoline, bouncy castle… But, all week, as typical British weather can get, it was expected to rain… heavily. I just couldn’t imagine all these people in our pretty modest 3 bedroom house, it was very stressful. Luckily however, the sun came out just in time and we managed to get everyone to play in the garden :) Happy days!

We also had the very talented Emma Case to photograph our party. Trying to be a host and take pictures at the same time is almost impossible and I just didn’t want to miss anything. She is so good with the kids and she did an amazing job :) It was a great day and everyone really enjoyed themselves!

Awesome images: Emma Case

How cute is the beach hut cake?! The sweet table is amazing and I absolutely love the fish and chips in newspaper! The overall look and feel of this party is so lovely and fresh. Thank you very much to Evelyne for sharing this gorgeous party with us.

 Heart Verity

Do you have a gorgeous party like this one that you would like to see featured on Belle Bébés? Please let us know!

Lovely LeGummies!

When I came across this Instructable for LEGO-shaped gummies I couldn’t resist featuring it on here. I love LEGO and how much better if it’s edible! It certainly isn’t a 5 minute job, but it’s definitely gone on my summer holiday activity list to do with Alice on a rainy day (of which I’m sure there will be many!)


Awesome image courtesy of Instructable by SFHandyman

Mini moulds

You don’t have to make your own mould as is shown in the Instructable but if you want specific bricks, then it’s probably best to make your own. If you’d prefer to buy, this eBay store stocks a LEGO brick mould and you can even buy mini-figure moulds direct from the LEGO website! How cool are they?! Or shop around and you will find all kinds of shaped moulds online.


Awesome images courtesy of LEGO

Gorgeous gummies

The Instructable even tells you how to add different flavours, including how to make them sour! I can’t wait to give these a go. If you try it first, please let us know and send in some pictures. Hopefully, they will look this good…


Awesome images courtesy of Instructable by SFHandyman


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