Owl & Cat & Esther

Today’s post is a special one because it’s about a lovely friend of mine called Esther Hall. I met Esther when we both took an MA in Children’s Book Illustration 5 years ago. It just so happened we lived in the same village which was not only handy as she had a car and gave me a lift to uni (thanks Esther!) but also meant that we could meet up easily to discuss our latest creative dilemma. My time on the course had me creating Milly & Moo: a girl and monkey duo named after my cousin and a cuddly monkey I owned. As I’m an idiot I never even attempted to show my work to anyone and moved away from Children’s Book Illustration soon after the course ended…

Esther’s not an idiot though! :) She developed her fabulous style of lino printing on the course and worked hard sending her illustrations to publishers. This year she had her first book published by Macmillan: Grow Your Own.


Owl & Cat

And she now has an online shop, Owl & Cat, stocked full of goodies…



What’s more, for your help in getting the word out about Belle Bébés and Esther we have a little giveaway! Yay!

You can win either:


All you have to do is enter! You can enter in several ways and the more times you enter the better your chances of winning. Here’s how…

 Heart Comment on this post. With anything. Just say ‘Hello’ if you’re shy :)

 Heart Tweet about the giveaway. Just be sure to include @bellebebes so we get notified

 Heart Mention the giveaway on Facebook. And again just include the Belle Bébés Facebook page.

And whilst you’re on Twitter and Facebook feel free to “follow” us and “like” us ;)

Tell your friends

You can just tell your friends in person too, as not everything happens on the internet (I need to remind myself of this sometimes!) Sadly you won’t get an entry this way but we’ll love ya for spreading the word!

The competition will end a week today, on the 15th September (11.59pm UK time), the winner will be selected randomly and we will announce it on the blog on Sunday the 18th of September.

Even if you don’t want to enter please share this post around. I’d love to get Esther’s name out there. I know how hard she’s worked on all her fab products and I love everything she’s come up with. Plus I’m hoping if she gets a few orders off the back of this I’ll be rewarded with a sewing kit for Christmas ;)

 Heart Debs

Note: the print doesn’t have to be the one in the image. It can be any in the Owl & Cat shop.

Vendor Details:
Owl & Cat website
Owl & Cat shop
Owl & Cat Etsy shop
Contact Esther
Phone: 0795 652 9962

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14 Responses to “Owl & Cat & Esther”

  1. Janine says:

    Wow what lovely stuff! The sewing kit is adorable! :o)

  2. Suzie says:

    Ooh! I hope I win! x

  3. carly says:

    Lovely illustrative work. Would look good in Jude’s room ;)

  4. Jordanna says:

    Lovely and the cat and owl would look funky in the cot…waiting for my baby boy to arrive…only 6 weeks to go! EeeeKKK! :-) x

  5. Michelle says:

    Lovely, lovely illustrations!! Such beautiful work and if I don’t win, I will most probably end up buying owl related things from Esther for little Gabrielle’s nursery! X :-)

  6. tiff says:

    so cute! all of these kits are precious:) i pinned them on pinterest!

  7. Jen says:

    Yum! How are we supposed to choose between the prizes! X

  8. Louise Lamb says:

    I am in love with this blog. You always share amazing finds. And Esther is no exception.

  9. lisa longton says:

    This is great. someone who has put talent and initiativeibto practice. really nice, individual products which are great as gifts as well. my daughter is two and has a better social life than me, ! party a week I think! And I’m always searching for presents which are a bit individual but reasonably priced and which catch the eye xx

  10. Tracey Sharp says:

    How cute is the little sewing kit?! And I am in love with the heart cushion too! 10 weeks to go until our little one arrives… My favourite part of the day is popping on here to have a read! Going to pop and check out Esther’s shop now too!

  11. Roisin Duffy says:

    They are gorgeous, love it all and love the blog

  12. Steph Oakes says:

    10 days to go until mini Oakes arrives and LOVING Esther’s work… thanks for bringing it to the masses Debs… I would love a little unframed print, so gorgeous!! xx

  13. Louise says:

    Adorable little products as always! Love the little personalised prints x

  14. Nicky says:

    Gorgeous products! I DESPERATELY want to win the print for Lilly x

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