Alice in Wonderland inspired photography session

Anna Allan is a family photographer specialising in natural light, family photography in Middlesex, Buckinghamshire and the surrounding areas, and has started to introduce styling into her photo shoots. The shoot she is sharing with us today was inspired by the children’s classic Alice in Wonderland…

Anna: “The family in this styled shoot love books and maps, their daughter loves her toy rabbits, their home is decorated in pastels and Mum once had a ‘Mad Hatters tea party’ baby shower. Using this information, I came up with the idea for an Alice in Wonderland inspired session.”

“Next, I scoured the internet for a couple of props – the pocket watch was my favourite because of the size compared to the little girl (it made her look like she’d drunk the “drink me” bottle which shrinks Alice) and I found clothing suggestions for each family member. I put all this inspiration onto a Pinterest board and shared it with my family so they knew what I had in mind and we could discuss each idea so that we could get it just right.”

Alice in Wonderland inspired shoot by Anna Allan

“The session was held at the family’s local park early one Saturday morning in July. The sunlight shining through the Weeping Willows felt really magical. We had a fun time reading stories, playing at being the rabbit running around being late for everything, playing ball with a globe beach ball to represent their family members who live around the world and generally enjoying exploring the park. Because we were having such fun, the photographs were natural and really reflected the family’s personalities.”

Thanks so much to Anna for sharing such a beautiful shoot! For more of her work or to book your own styled shoot head to Anna’s website :)

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One Response to “Alice in Wonderland inspired photography session”

  1. anna says:

    beautiful photos…very ´alice in wonderland¨ my daughter never managed to look so clean…more like ¨bob the builder”

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