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I had a personalised, Winnie the Pooh book when I was a child. My character was a faceless friend of Christopher Robin, with a unisex hairstyle and clothes, and my name was inserted all the way through, so I was a part of the story. And despite the fact that the font used for my name was different to the rest of the text in the book, I felt it had been written especially for me. So imagine how special a child would feel if the integration of their character in the book was seamless and appeared to literally be written for them?! Lost My Name have managed just that! Their personalised books are cleverly written, so regardless of the child’s name, the story flows perfectly.

The brief gist is that the child wakes up to find that they have lost their name, and in searching for it, they come across a number of different creatures who all donate the first letter of their name, to eventually build the child’s at the end. But even better than the story structure is the illustrations in these books, I just love every picture! The style, detail and imaginative characters are awesome.

personalised books

So create your own at 

Lost My Name and take advantage of free shipping worldwide!

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