The Last Time

This beautiful poem made its way into my facebook news feed today, reminding me of the poem for parents we featured last year, This Small. There’s no such thing as too often when it comes to being reminded to appreciate the little things, nobody wants to look back and regret the things they didn’t do. So squeeze a little tighter, sing that ‘one more song’ at bedtime, because this time, might be the last time.

poem for parents, poem about children

 Heart Verity

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99 Responses to “The Last Time”

  1. CINDY says:

    how we treasure the firsts. mindless of the lasts…

    so fragile and fleeting….

    only remembering the pasts…

    hang on with every waking nite…

    as they are fleeting… there will always be an end in sight.

    hang on to the moments…short and tense as they can be

    for they will be gone in a whisper a…university degree.

    never surrender…the love for a child

    no matter how tender….no matter how wild


    the nanna

  2. Each day a gift. Being a parent is just the greatest feeling in the world. It is priceless.

  3. Rose Streff says:

    And if we are lucky, with God’s blessing,
    we can get that feeling again with our grandchildren!

  4. Barb K. says:

    This actually, is very sad. Seems like yesterday, but it was a long time ago.

  5. Brady Bryner says:

    These things never leave us as your poem says. Each one of them in time is handed on down the the next generation (The children) and taken on from there. It was handed to you from your mom and Pop and so it go on. But it is never past for good and it does not die & it is not sad. In fact, look at your grandchildren and see how happy you get.

  6. Marianne Ellis says:

    My daughters are all gown up and married with children of their own. Those days when they were small and used to do all those things when they really needed me are imprinted in my mind forever. Makes me sad sometimes :)

  7. I have had a lot of last times in my life, years ago, I took a whole box of 8mm films of my last times with family that has gone on before me. I watch these to remember the last times things happen, some say it makes them cry, makes me very happy to see how they were the last times we did things as fishing , Christmas, Easter, vacations, I see them moving and laughing and makes me love my last times.

  8. Valerie Almand says:

    I realize the message being conveyed is important — treasure every moment with your children — but I would hope that other parents will have what I’m now enjoying with my grown children. I still get spontaneous hugs, when my daughters and I go places together sometimes we hold hands, and one of them even sits in my lap still occasionally! And now I have the sweet experiences I had with my small children with my new grandbabies. Children/grandchildren make the world seem sweet, when there is so much ugliness going on. Thank you, God, for the little ones!!!!

  9. Eileen Willey says:

    It took some time before I realized that each little thing was the last. It is sad, but I have a daughter who is now a beautiful, accomplished young woman. Thank God for her.

  10. my son and grandson were over last night celebrating my grandson’s birthday (6). We have been through so many trials and tribulations but persevered through it all. When It was time for them to go my son looked up from the car and…. blew me a kiss! So long.. since he gave that gesture to his mom. Always time to take a moment and do something simple that means the world to someone else..
    God’s love is like a parent’s love for their child… forgiving, endless and beyond measure

  11. Lois Carter says:

    I also treasure the moments of my children as they grew. All the ones that so many of you have mentioned. I think particularly of my son John and some of his moments and I find myself forgetting things that should have stayed with me forever. I think of a day when he was 5 and had some clothes in a sack and said he was “running away” to live with his friend Lisa. I remember the last time I saw him run from the camp we were at so that he could be the first one in the water. I remember a night when the tears flowed down his face because he couldn’t understand how God would make him suffer the way he did. I remember the last breath he took and the gun laying at his feet. I remember the last time…………………

  12. joyce waybright says:

    Life passes by so quiclky.The children grow up so fast.One day we are on top of world next day big storm and waves knocks us down.But we get back sun comes up everything back on track,I lost my two best friends in last several years.My wonderful son at age 48 liver disease A wonderful ,loving kind soul who left me too soon.Last month my Mom age 92 healthy ,smart cute could out do me never really been sick,One day she went with her friend on trip got sick that night rushed to hosptial lost swallow.Oh she fight she did not want to go Fainally she gave up too weak to fight and died peacefully with her children holding her hand,.I miss her so much her funny giggle our am and pm talk everyday,trips to dollar store.My best friend was gone agin.They are both around I feel them everyday around me.So give all love kissess don’t forget to call.I wanted to know she had made through night and wanted to say goodnight.Things that took very little time but meant lot to us both Pricless.Live lifeto each fullest and try everyday to put a smile on a lonely face .

  13. Nimal de Silva says:

    Turn back, turn back O time in your flight
    Bring them all back to us just for the night.

  14. Donna Pothier says:

    Karen Kingsbury has written a beautiful book about this called”Let Me Hold You Longer” I have it.So True!

  15. Derek De Ville Sr. says:

    Enjoy each fleeting second with those you Love, for time waits for no one. Remember the beautiful smiles on your childrens faces as you loved them dearly in the past. If only those precious moments could last and last.

  16. Nancy says:

    Nice sentiment but not good grammar…why do people insist on saying “my child” in conjunction with they, them, their? Either say my children. Or say his or her.

  17. Tom says:

    Enjoy every day that God allows you to have, because no one knows when and how it may end!!!!!

    God bless everyone!!

  18. Mary ruggles says:

    So precious and what we live for love everlasting

  19. Christina says:

    Although I do not have children I have experienced more than enough “last times” to live a lifetime. I lost my mom who was 36 in a tragic car accident when I was 17. I have lost 3 uncles and a cousin since then. This past year I’ve lost my grandpa, my soul-mate, and 4 friends due to cancer or a car accident (all which were under the she of 31). This week our small community was rocked once again with the suicide of a 12 year old boy. Time is precious, I get caught up in everyday life and it’s chaos and schedules but I have to stop and remind myself that God does not stop to tell you he’s taking a loved one or ask of it’s ok. Never leave things on a bad note, regret is an awful thing to bare. Live the life you love and love the life you live. Don’t settle for anything than what you deserve.

  20. ellen says:

    For everything there is a season…enjoy each season as it comes and embrace the next one.

  21. Kathy E.Reed-Spade says:


  22. Jean McCord says:

    Where can I order a copy of this poem for framing ?

  23. Fran Cooper says:

    Always remember…there may be no tomorrow…

  24. Debra Henry says:

    I will always remember my children faces as they played as washed as they grew older they get wiser as my daughter went to university and my son went to college .Then my grandchildren came are long and what joy they are they give so much love to me just as there mum does my son and his partner are still enjoying there lives so still waiting for grandchildren but they will come oneday I love my children with all my heart don’t now what I would with out them xxi

  25. Sonja Olson says:

    Love the children while they are young and remember to tell them that you love them when theey grow up to be teenagers

  26. Sonja Olson says:

    love the children while they are young and when they get older say I love you many times.

  27. I will yearn for them always , even now, I’m doing it…..

  28. Iva Huffingham says:

    Even when they are grown- you never know

  29. kimberly says:

    Really really lovely one! My LO is at that age now & I sometimes feel sad knowing he’ll soon be all grown up!
    Thanks for such a lovely poem. A must share…

  30. Troy says:

    Triple hanky!

  31. Liana says:

    Stupid ninja cutting onions.
    “They will one day run to you with arms raised,
    for the very last time”

    My daughter is doing this all the time at the moment. Only to me. I will most definitely miss this when she’s all grown up.


  32. Don Bailey says:

    I used to sing Goodnight from the Beatles White Album to my daughter.
    This is so true about the last time you get to do such things with and for them. If I had known it was the last time she asked me to sing the “Goodnight Song” I would have sang it all night long..

  33. webpage says:

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  34. margaret mahon caldwell says:

    that is so true, what a wonderful poem for a lot of young mothers out there..its so precious to hold,cuddle and do things with a child and leave with them some wonderful memories to remember..Love this!!

  35. Sharon Lukehart says:

    This poem is beautiful! I feel that way now as my granddaughters have grown into beautiful young women. We have a sweet great granddaughter that we see all too seldom. I treasure every moment I have had with each one and have been truly blessed. Young mothers please keep a copy some where to refer to as the years pass. God Bless

  36. Cindy says:

    When reading this it makes me both Happy and sad. Sad because my 4 are all grown. But HAPPY, Because they have all given me wonderful Beautiful grandchildren. So I have got to do all the holding, hair washing, helping all over again. Life is Wonderful, and ” The Circle of Life” is Amazing!!!

  37. JoAnn says:

    There’s yet another unforgettable time for me. It was my last moments with my dear husband. Just the two of us together shared his last moments. I noticed he had stopped breathing. I said, “Can you take just one more breath?” He heard and did. It was his last. It was a privilege to share the moment.

  38. Sean McLaughlin says:

    This is the most lovely and heartfelt expression of what I feel as a parent–both wistfulness and gratitude. Thank you for sharing this

  39. Manoj aloni says:

    Nice poem

  40. Annanas says:

    It always makes me cry. Because of the greatness of every single moment. It’s not only about children, but also about friends, family, your job, passion, and every look into the mirror. We will never be the same, its both amazing and frightening…

  41. Kevin McNulty says:

    that’s nice Ronnie

  42. sherry leeroasebradley says:

    Love this poem,Makes you what to hold and love your children forever,even though they are grown I can still love on them!!Thanks the good lord for Greatdchildren and great grandchildren

  43. l Kempner says:

    Always remember the time my son-who was about 4 at the time, came up to me at a concert at Old Westbury gardens and said “Daddy, dance with me!”. My wifelooked at me and said: “Now how many times in life is your son going to say that to you?!!” Of course, we went right down and danced! :-)) I even taught him to do the lindy that summer (He THANKS me now!!)

  44. CJ says:

    To Kathy E.Reed-Spade
    There are an enormous group of us mothers suffering the same estrangement fro our adult children.
    Change your life and buy the book “Done With Crying” by Sheri McGregor. It’s nothing of a miracle but will definitely help walk you through the pain knowing you are not alone and do not be ashamed!

  45. Pedro says:

    Fuck it, dude, you make big man cry.

  46. Ruth Pharoah says:

    Such a lovely poem. I finally found comfort in something since my 56 year old son’s passing. How can I get a copy?

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  48. JA Metzler says:

    My 95 year old mother died Feb 15 and my son’s Dad, to whom I was married for 24 years and who was also my best friend of 42 years died Feb 7.

  49. Christine says:

    Dear Kathy E Reed-Spade. You are so not alone. My son who has two children, has chosen not to share them with me. I truly don’t know why. But I won’t shed any more tears for the lost years. I hope,eventually, my grandchildren will find me. In the meantime I have four others who love me.

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