Ethan the Gamer by Wayne Kahn Photography

Today’s awesome portrait shoot was submitted by photographer Wayne Kahn and features Ethan in his natural habitat: playing video games! As Wayne told us…

Ethan is a 6 year old boy who, like his father, is addicted to gaming. Ethan got his first console at the age of 3, which was the original 8bit NES. You could refer to him as a new generation of retro gamer, who enjoys nothing more than spending his weekends playing games with his Dad.

His father is a collector of retro gaming and modern consoles and even has an arcade machine in the house! Ethan’s favourite game is Marvel vs Capcom (arcade version) and he can be heard imitating his favourite characters moves as he battles his dad…

Ethan The Gamer by Wayne Kahn Photography

His current ultimate dream is to beat his Dad at Streetfighter 2 so that he can claim his Dad’s golden joystick trophy for his own.

Thanks so much to Wayne for sending along such an interesting shoot, and good luck on winning that golden joystick Ethan! :D

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