DIY tiny polaroid magnets

Summer may be over but the memories last forever. Corny but true! And a way to keep those memories close to you is to have photos of your summer fun printed out in some form or other.

Don’t leave them in digital form on Facebook, do something with them!

Such as this…

DIY Tiny Polaroid Magnets

Awesome image credit: Ambrosia Creative

These adorable lil Polaroid magnets from Jenn of Ambrosia Creative are a great way to remind you of those memories every time you open the fridge (which is often in my case).

Or perhaps use them in your office on a magnetic board… then, every time work’s getting a little much, you only have to look at these super sweet magnets with the photos of your kids smiling faces on them to feel a little more uplifted!

For all the details, including Polaroid templates to drop in your photos, head to this post.

Maybe I’ll even make some myself :)

 Heart Debs

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