Built-in Beds for the kids

I believe that beds are one of the best inventions ever. If having to define my favourite kind of bed, which I’m doing for the purpose of this post, it would all relate to how cosy it is. And I don’t mean in a how-comfy-the-mattress-is kind of way, although of course that’s important. Instead, beds that are in small spaces, or next to walls are my favourite kind… you just feel safer that way.

So built-in beds are ideal for me. Yes, I know this post is for kids and these beds would be amazing for them, but if I read my future little ones a bed time story and just happened to fall asleep in there, wellit certainly wouldn’t be the worst thing ;)


Awesome stuff:

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I’ll definitely be seeking out some adult-sized built-in beds for future reference :)

 Heart Debs

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