DIY project : a modern dolls’ house

One thing my future daughter will definitely have is a dolls’ house. It’ll really be for me but it’ll be easy enough to pretend it’s for her. I imagine I’ll get as carried away redecorating as Megan did too, as she gifted this house to her daughter and then took it off into the garage for 6 months for renovations!

But, it was so very worth it. Because this house is amazing! It’s much more modern and inviting to play with than the usual dark Victorian-furnished dolls’ houses. In fact it’s actually the kind of house you wish you could have a life size version of!

DIY Modern Dolls' HouseDIY Modern Dolls' House

I love it!

The details are incredible, right down to the miniature versions of art prints hung on the wall. For more pictures and all the info about what went into making this incredible dolls’ house, head on over to mousehouse :)

 Heart Debs

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