Magnetic Woodlands Wallpaper

Wallpaper with a lovely pattern or design can look beautiful in a room but that’s usually the extent of it. Apart from Sian Zeng’s wallpaper.. because it’s magnetic! I love the idea of children being able to use the wall as their playground, to create stories from the woodlands depicted on it.

I remember as a young child having a fairy print on my wallpaper. It was a beautiful print, perhaps from the 70s (the green, orange and brown tones suggested a 70s colour palette). I remember giving the fairies names and had paired them all up to who they would marry (a romantic even at 5!) Oh how I’d have loved it if it was magnetic and I could have moved those fairies! I imagine I’d have been occupied for hours!

Anyway… Sian Zeng’s print is not only stunning but you can even buy awesome wipe clean thought and speech bubbles to get the creature magnets talking!


At £248 a roll, this wallpaper is definitely not cheap but, remember, you wouldn’t have to do the entire wall; a feature wall would be enough. Or, buy just the one roll and do part of a wall, build a simple wooden frame around it and you have an awesome interactive artwork!

For the wallpaper and other beautiful creations from Sian Zeng’s imagination head to her online shop. I love the bears :)

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