Spooky Spectacles

Some beautiful photographs for you today, to get you in the mood for this weekend, and hopefully to inspire you to take some gorgeous pics of your own little beauties!

Awesome images courtesy of…

  1. A lonely frog from the Halloween in Harlem project by Amy Stein
  2. Sleepy pumpkin by Carrington Creative
  3. Gosia Wlodarczyk’s happy witch
  4. Pretty pussycat and spooky skeleton by Jenny Owen
  5. Cool characters captured by Kara Strate
  6. Halloween treats from Krista Campbell
  7. Gruesome ghoul by Laura Pannack
  8. Lovely clown from Such is Life

Happy Halloween everyone!

 Heart Verity

PS If you do get some gorgeous pictures this weekend, don’t forget, we love to see them! :)

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One Response to “Spooky Spectacles”

  1. kara strate says:

    Thanks for the share! And the credit. Props to you for honesty. ~kara

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