Nursery Inspiration : Showers & Shine

I love bringing you photos of real rooms for inspiration but there’s a limit to it… the room has to exist! And some of the rooms I dream up in my head don’t exist or at least I haven’t come across them on the internet. So I’ve decided to create nursery inspiration boards: a collection of images and ideas to create a lovely themed room for the little one. First up is ‘Showers & Shine’. There’s a lot of cloud themed items for baby because fluffy clouds are just so cute! But I’d also add a dash of sunshine to keep baby smiling :D


  1. Raincloud mobile from The Butter Flying
  2. Cloud lamp from IKEA
  3. Cot from Sebra
  4. Little clouds cradle quilt and pillow from Alphabet Monkey
  5. DIY cloud rug project by Lifeflix
  6. Cloud chair by Design House Stockholm
  7. Rise & Shine print by Elissa Hudson
  8. White cloud decals by 41 Orchard

So what do you think of the new feature? And have you a particular nursery idea in mind you’d like me to create an inspiration board for? Because I’m always up for a challenge ;D

 Heart Debs

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7 Responses to “Nursery Inspiration : Showers & Shine”

  1. Charley says:

    Loving the clouds! I am making a cloud mobile for my new baby niece’s nursery after I found the one you included here on Etsy! Think it’s a great theme for le bebe. Like the wall decals too. Simple but very cute x

  2. Debs says:

    Cute! You know if you took a few photos we could feature it here as a DIY project! Please? ;) I bet it will look lovely :) x

  3. rebecca simpson-hargreaves says:

    Can I have this for my own room, love it!x

  4. Debs says:

    Don’t see why not Bex! You may need a bigger bed though ;) x

  5. Eleanor Jane says:

    Oh gosh, please stop making me broody with this blog! Too cute!

  6. Alex says:

    wow! I’ve just come across your blog and i loooooove this nursery inspiration! Sweet fluffy clouds :-) i am actually in love with the cloud chair and the rug! I’m looking for inspiration for an eclectic vintage themed room for my little girl :-) xxx

  7. Debs says:

    Challenge accepted Alex ;) I will see what I can come up with for an eclectic vintage themed room for a little girl – that’s not an easy one mind you ;) Thanks for the lovely comment, and thanks to you too Eleanor :D xxx

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