Dwell Studio – bathtime

Children’s bathroom attire in our house is rarely any more imaginative or exciting than pink, fluffy and usually, with ears (cruelty?!). Well no more! Not since I discovered Dwell Studio’s bathtime collection.
They say – Rooted in midcentury style with a hip modern edge, DwellStudio delivers a collection with urban appeal and eco-friendly standards.
I say – super cool prints for little people of all ages!
Check out these hooded towels:

Sparrows towel dwell studioPaper dolls towel dwell studioGio towel dwell studioSkyline towel dwell studioTowels - dwell studioTowels girl - dwell studioTowels boy - dwell studio

And they also have matching wash cloth sets…

Sparrows washmitt dwell studioPaper dolls washmitt dwell studioGio washmitt dwell studioSkyline washmitt dwell studio

AND hooded bath wraps!

Paper dolls bath wrap dwell studioDwell studio bath wrapsSparrow bath wrap dwell studio

Love them!

No matter where you are in the world, you can find your nearest Dwell Studio store here.

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