Evyn Elise

I’ve had to drag myself away from today’s featured-photographer’s blog to write this post on her work! Robyn Michelle-Lee writes about her day to day life with her husband. Sounds quite normal, but the fact she writes in the third person and describes every detail beautifully makes her life sound so glamorous and romantic. As Robyn puts it “their everyday life is a beautiful experience. what others may call mundane, they call celebration.” I think more of us should think like that :)

Robyn’s poetic prose is also accompanied by soft, dreamy images which complement her writing perfectly. And that’s what I’m sharing today… some of Robyn’s stunning images of baby Evyn Elise.

Evyn’s parents, Chris & Christine, waited for a baby to love for four years… then, on November 1 2010, Evyn Elise was born and they adopted her when she was six days old. She is so, so beautiful…


Such precious images. I adore her dark curls and the cutest baby shoes!

And, when you’ve finished admiring how adorable Evyn Elise is, get yourself a cuppa, put your feet up and lose yourself in the romance of Robyn’s life over here :)

 Heart Debs

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