Arrrr it’s a pirate party!

Yay for finally having a British party to share on the blog! Admittedly the mummy behind this party also owns an amazing cake company Boutique Baking but I bet there are non-pro bakers out there having parties like this one and if you are please snap some pics and send them in!

Vickie decided on the theme for George’s 2nd birthday because when he laughs it’s really deep and more of an ‘Arrgghhh’ than a laugh and apparently he sounds like a pirate! Of course this party would be ace even if your little one doesn’t sound like a pirate! :D

Vickie decided to have the table of sweets separate to the other food as she was concerned the kids would eat nothing healthy at all if all those sweets had been on the table! I think she was right, even I’d be going straight for the candy, it looks amazing!


That picture of the party food takes me right back to being a child again… love cheese & pineapple on a stick!

The treats on the sweet table had inventive names such as Cannon Ball Cake Pops, Gunpowder Cupcakes, Pirates Belly Wobbly Jelly, Mallows of Merriment and the cake had ‘Captain George is 2’ around the outside. Love little details like that :)

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One Response to “Arrrr it’s a pirate party!”

  1. Verity says:

    W.O.W.!! Very cool party! What a talented lady :o)

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