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I’m a big fan of contemporary design, especially where children are concerned, as sometimes design for kids can just look a bit clumsy and kiddish. Ontwerpduo is a contemporary design duo made up of Dutch designers Nathan and Tineke, a mathematician and a dreamer respectively. These two traits complement each other perfectly… ‘The wild fantasy is created, and is then surreptitiously grounded by the mathlete; It’s a philosophy that seems to keep things from going a bit over eccentric, and tends to generate an alluring, yet graspable charm.’

There are so many amazing projects on their site, that if you’re a fan of inventive design you’ll really enjoy. I’ve just picked three from the portfolio that relate to children…

Farm room

Ontwerpduo was asked to design a room for two children, a boy (5) and a girl (7). Ontwerpduo decided to design a farm room without the animals. The animals can be added by the children themselves, by removable drawings at the walls, the doors and hatches. The room is split in two, with the option to open all the hatches in between, even the ones between the beds.



A rocking chair and cradle in one. While softly swinging the rocking chair and reading a book or singing a lullaby, the baby falls asleep. When the baby outgrows the cradle, it is possible to reconstruct the rockid into a rocking chair.



Tineke : The world of adults furniture and the world children’s toys don’t seem to belong together. From my childhood I remember it was always exiting to combine these two. I used the woodcarvings of furniture as a playfield for my puppets, to play in a new world. With this feeling in mind we created a concept for a new piece of furniture.

We invented these functional woodcarvings. It is decoration you can play with. They applied woodcarvings in a piece of furniture that combines the world of adults with the world of the children. A marble track in a table. A new type of functional woodcarving, that invites you to play.


How much more fun would dinnertime be?!

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