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Nursery Inspiration: Sailboats & Seagulls

A nautical theme is lovely for either a boy or a girl. It’s fresh, clean and could even inspire the adventurer in your child! ‘Sailboats & Seagulls’ is an inspiration board for a sea-themed room that isn’t too young and that can grow as your child does. Eagle-eyed viewers may question the fact I’ve shown both a sailboat mobile, typically for hanging over a crib, alongside a toddler’s bed (how amazing is the bed?!) However I think this theme could last several years with just switching a few key elements and I wanted to get that across. What do you think?


  1. Lighting Direct
  2. Flensted Mobiles
  3. Rosenberry Rooms
  4. Coln Valley Cushions
  5. Collage- O-Rama
  6. Ruby Submarine
  7. Cartoon Monster
  8. Gingerbread Monkeys
  9. Ghetto Vinyl

Boat bed

Any crib would go with this theme but if you were desperate to incorporate a boat for a baby bed then you should really check out the awesome creations from Beaver Boatworks


Brilliant and beautiful!

 Heart Debs

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