Nursery inspiration : dots & spots

I’m writing this after I spent the entire day stripping my bedroom of wallpaper. It was definitely one of the more boring days of my life! And in the days ahead of me I have to put up lining paper, then wallpaper, and only then do I get to paint (because I have rubbish walls and need to mask them with anaglypta)!

So anyway, I’m hating wallpaper a little right now, and any ideas that are simple and solely paint-focused are awesome in my eyes!

Like the following round-up of dots and spots for a child’s nursery, bedroom or play room.

Fun, playful and way easier than wallpapering I can assure you!

Nursery inspiration : dots and spots

1. How about a random pattern in random colours? From The Boo and the Boy.

2. Feeling fancy? Go metallic like these spots seen on Chic Cheap Nursery.

3. For a more unique take on polka dots I love just a few being differently coloured, like these on Cutting Edge Stencils.

4. Popsugar shows you how to do uniform, colourful spots superbly well.

5. These black smaller dots via Maureen Stevens are contemporary and cool.

The stencil solution

And if you want to try something like this yourself but aren’t sure where to start, a polka dot stencil such as this from Henry Donovan Motif will make the job even easier for you!

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